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When you start your own business the one thing that people don’t tell you is you’re an employee of ONE.

If you love to bake, or paint, have a service you love to do and provide… that’s your GIFT to the world.

BUT… the marketing, branding, building a website, learning the bookkeeping, customer service, following up, covering overhead, scaling and expanding… Well, ALL that over stuff is yours too.

I can’t tell you all the sleepless nights when I first started because all I could hear was this little voice in the back of my head saying; you aren’t doing enough.

I love seeing people’s timelapse when they do their craft because anyone crazy enough to start something knows that’s EXACTLY how FAST you THINK you are constantly moving.

Clichés like “it’s not about the destination but the journey” exist because you have to be ALL in on loving the endless paper cuts, trying something new, and living outside your comfort zone.

You have to be all in on loving where you are. The first time I ever got these boxes, I broke 3 of them trying to assemble them! [Plus wasted a roll of tape trying to fix them too] I didn’t have a logo and silk ribbon was a luxury expense I couldn’t wait to have.

Yesterday someone said “Everything's coming together just the way it’s supposed to” and today I feel exactly where I am supposed to be. That’s all the win I need today.


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