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A difference a year can make...

“Starting a business is like jumping off a cliff and assembling the aircraft on the way down.” - Brian Chesky, DEO and Founder Air BnB

This month, I will have officially made it through my first 365 as a business owner. And let me tell you, Belt Up because safety first it’s going to be a wild ride!

In the past year, I have planned and hosted a corporate event, created an installation for Utopia a Horticulture and Epicurean Festival in Boston, holiday designed a storefront, got through my first Mother’s Day flower delivery rush, organized multiple group floral workshops, private workshops, styled shoots, created a website, got help and created a BETTER website, have done florals for engagement parties, baby showers, and a full list of other amazing other events….

All while giving back and after each event by “Spreading Kindness." Breaking down the leftover flowers and handing them out to random strangers with inspirational notes to brighten their day.

And I feel like we haven't even started yet!

This year has been filled with joy, laughter, growth, tougher days than imaginable, hard work, a LOT OF SWEAT, and above all else GRATUITDE.

It has been such an honor getting to meet so many truly remarkable humans along the way. I am at peak excitement to see what is in store for YEAR TWO!


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