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Honor the Promises You Keep to Yourself

Two things that fell on my heart this morning:

The First:

A little reminder that it’s easy to be helpful when things are going your way.

I believe it’s a true act of character when people continue to be helpful even when they need it themselves.

This thought came to mind when I was laying in bed laughing to myself at how easy it was to wake up yesterday when the sun was out and I wasn’t as tired to go get my workout in.

It was a lot harder this morning with the dark clouds and pouring rain. But I owned it to myself to still do it!!

The second:

A little healthy competition is a good thing. 😉

I went into my workout this morning with the mindset “done is better than none.” It wasn’t the morning to go hard in the paint. I just wanted to get through it.

Most mornings, I go so early I have the gym to myself, but a minute after I started, a woman jumped on the peloton next to me.

Different rides, same halfway point… both our instructors said to GET UP. In sync we did, and out the corner of our eyes we BOOKED IT. Until we were both drenched in sweat and I could tell her instructor didn’t say to do all that either because we finally waved the white flag then both started laughing.

I think we sometimes go from one extreme to another. Don’t become SO supportive and a “YES” friend that you don’t challenge the people in your life to push themselves!


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